Atatürk's Thought and Secular Education Foundation (ADLEV  Foundation)

The “ADLEV Foundation “was founded in 1996 in Ankara (Turkey ) by Abdurrahman Kurtaslan and his friends .
The main purpose of ADLEV  foundation is “Education”. Within the framework of the basic principles determined by the founder and the First President of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, firstly to educate young people, women, special needs of people and parents and to  transferring Education experiences of Developed and Secular Countries to Turkey  in this respect . 
The since 1996  ADLEV Foundation continues its training and project activities on this field.    

ADLEV  Foundation keeps  some distance from political understanding and approaches , it  focused solely on education and  educational projects.    All activities of the Foundation are regularly audited by the authorized units of Turkish  government. ADLEV is independent Non-Governemental Organization.ADLEV Foundation makes collaboration with governmental and some Non-Governmental Organizations for National and Eurepean Supported  Educational Projects. 

Some Information About ADLEV Foundation

Founder and President : Abdurrahman Kurtaslan

Address: Kentkoop Mahallesi Batıkent Bulvarı Meydan AVM No: 255 Kat: 1 Büro: 19 Batıkent Yenimahalle - Ankara -TURKEY

Phone : +90 312 231 96 36  

Fax :  +90 312 230 24 36

Web: www.adlev.org.tr    

E-mail: adlevposta@gmail.com  

PIC Number: 935906829    

VAT: Mithatpaşa V.D. (Ankara)  No: 0080090541